Rishi Kapoor: Senior Bollywood Actor Who Is NOT Afraid to Speak His Mind on Social Media

In his younger days, Rishi Kapoor did mostly romantic roles, had a lover boy image, and featured in some of the most melodious songs ever composed. Fast forward a couple of decades, and Rishi Kapoor is one of the most sought actors in Bollywood, and he’s not just playing the predictable father’s role. Mr. Kapoor has featured in several interesting roles (including negative ones) and his acting skills have been appreciated by almost everybody, audience as well as critics.

Rishi Kapoor also happens to be one of the most active senior actors on social media. But unlike Amitabh Bachchan, who shares only industry/films related updates, Mr. Kapoor is not shy of sharing his views in the open, when it comes to politically sensitive issues.

Be it Marathi films, beef-eating ban, land acquisition, fight against hawkers, he’s right up there speaking what’s in his mind.

However that openness has also landed him in a soup a few times, with Rishi Kapoor finding himself in the midst of controversies on more than occasions. Rishi Kapoor did mention once that its not fair that people target his family, because of his views on certain topics.

However, those negative reactions has not deterred Rishi Kapoor from giving his opinion on non-filmi matters, and he still continues to share his opinions on socially relevant topics.

Rishi Kapoor also doesn’t like son Ranbir’s films (Rishi, wife Neetu singh & Ranbir worked together in ‘Besharam’), despite Ranbir getting critical acclaim for movies like Rockstar and Barfi.

Rishi, also has a good sense of humour, which was revealed when he described himself as: “Son of a famous Father – Father of a famous Son. I am the hifen!”

We wish more senior Bollywood actors could follow the example set by Rishi Kapoor, and stop being politically correct all the time.