Biker rams into Zarine Khan’s car in Goa, dies on spot

Bollywood actress Zarine Khan’s car was involved in a fatal accident in Goa, a man on scooter died on the sport after crashing into Zarine Khan’s car.

As per reports, the bike crashed into the car from behind in Goa’s Anjuna area and sustained serious head injuries, which resulted in his death. The actress (who has worked with Salman Khan in the past) was present in the car but it was her driver behind steering wheels when the incident happened.

Amitabh Bachchan survives scary car crash after his car’s wheel comes off in Kolkata

Amitabh Bachchan survives scary car crash after his car’s wheel comes off. He was in Kolkata for the inaugural programme of the Kolkata International Film Festival and was going to the airport, when the accident took place.

It may have looked like a funny film shoot, but it wasn’t.

the senior Bachchan had a miraculous escape in Kolkata last week when one of the rear wheels of his Mercedes got detached from the car on Dufferin Road when he was going to the airport to catch a flight for Mumbai. Bachchan was accompanied by a senior state minister in the car.


The state government issued a show-cause to the travel agency, from where the car was provided to Mr. Bachchan.

According to a source in the secretariat, “proper action” might be taken against the agency if “any fault” on their part was found.

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Bollywood Dream-Girl Hema Malini in Fatal Accident: Horrific Images

Bollywood dream-girl Hema Malini and current BJP MP was involved in a fatal accident when her Mercedes car rammed in to a Maruti Alto car, instantly killing one child occupant in that car and seriously injuring others.

The original superstar of Bollywood (who ruled the 60s and the 70s) herself suffered horrific cuts to her face, as seen in the image below.

hema malini in fatal car accident

One eyewitness who took Hema Malini to Jaipur in his car after the accident said she was under great pain. She was hurt on the back, on her legs and on the forehead. She was bleeding on the forehead, above the eyebrow on the right side. Another eyewitness said the Alto car was entering the bypass road from a side road on the highway when the collision occurred.

Cop thrashes Ravindra Jadeja’s wife after car accident, arrested

Police constable, riding a bike, thrashes cricketer Ravindra Jadeja’s wife after minor car accident, has been arrested.

This is another case of road rage, but this time it involves a policeman and the victim is Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja’s wife Reeva Solanki. Reeva Solanki was physically assaulted by a police constable in Jamnagar, Gujarat (on May 21, 2018). Sanjay Ahir, the constable, has been arrested by the police.

Witnesses said that the police officer pulled Solanki’s hair and slapped her twice, and also attempted to smash her face on the windshield.

Reeva had gone out for shopping when the police constable came from the wrong side (as per witnesses) on a Pulsar bike and fell after hitting Solanki’s BMW.

As per eyewitnesses, Reeva rolled down her car window and asked if he was alright, but the enraged cop got up and started assaulting her. “The policeman mercilessly thrashed Reeva and even pulled her hair during an altercation. We saved her from his clutches,” said a passerby. Eyewitnesses said that the accident was a minor one, but the policeman reacted very violently.

Reeva Solanki was rushed to a nearby hospital where Jamnagar’s Superintendent of Police her, and later escorted her back to his office to take a statement.

Reeva, who suffered bruises, registered a police complaint and the policeman was arrested on the spot.

Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja plays for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the Indian Premier League 2018.

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