Ranveer Singh takes us through the scenic Lake Geneva region in Switzerland

Bollywood live-wire actor Ranveer Singh, brand ambassador of ‘Switzerland Tourism’, takes us through the Lake Geneva region as part of the Switzerland Tourism Ad campaign. Ranveer Singh is the Indian ambassador for Swiss tourism

Ranveer Singh discovers the Lake Geneva Region

Ranveer Singh takes an exhilarating ride of the Toboggan in Switzerland

Ranveer Singh, who was in the Alpine resort town of St Moritz in Switzerland, had the time of his life whizzing past the snowy terrains of Switzerland on a toboggan (light and narrow vehicle that you may have seen on television during the winter Olympics).

Ranveer rode the toboggan sliding downhill while negotiating narrow curves, frozen lakes and vertical drops. Though his ride was exhilarating (and scary), the view took his breath away (although we’re not sure if he had his eyes open all the time).

Checkout the video of Ranveer on the Toboggan.

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Bollywood livewire Ranveer Singh is Brand Ambassador of ‘Switzerland Tourism’

There are many in Bollywood who feel that Ranveer Singh is already on his way towards becoming a superstar. He has done some amazing films in recent years, he endorses several products (and gets paid handsomely for it), and now he has been chosen as the brand ambassador of ‘Switzerland Tourism’.

Ranveer Singh will be in charge of promoting Switzerland Tourism’s campaign for ‘2017-Nature Wants You Back’.

“I had such a great time on my trip to Switzerland this summer! I did some crazy things like sky diving and paragliding. Now that I am the official Brand Ambassador of Switzerland Tourism, I am just raring to go back in the winter and see what it looks like in the snow. I can’t wait to try the slopes of St. Moritz and Titlis Engelberg. It will be so much fun,” said Ranveer Singh

Switzerland is one of the most popular tourist destination in the world, its a great place for a complete holiday experience that will leave you spellbound for days.

Indians (and Bollywood) have always been in awe of Switzerland, with Yash Chopra getting the credit for showcasing the beauty of Switzerland to Indians.

Although several Indian films have been shot in Switzerland, the country seemed to have fallen of the radar of Indian filmmakers, with several neighboring European countries inviting Indian filmmakers (offering similar scenic locations are more affordable locations).

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Perhaps, Switzerland Tourism has realized that they need to increase their marketing efforts and reach out to Bollywood to make its presence felt once again.

And that’s why they have signed ‘Ranveer Singh’, whose stock in the film industry is rising at a rapid rate.

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