RGV Says SRK Losing to Salman & the Reasons are the Same Why Kamal Lost to Rajinikanth

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma (RGV), popularly known for making crime-related movies, is back to making movies, after a break. He’s actively promoting his latest movie ‘Veerappan’ by appearing on television shows, and also by making some controversial statements.

Some time back, when Amy Jackson shared a selfie with Rajinikanth, Ram Gopal Varma had tweeted how could god bestow so much on a bad looker.

Later, Ram Gopal Varma gave out another controversial statement saying “Salman Khan is a bigger Bollywood star today than SRK” (going by the box office collections of their recent movies, there’s some truth in the statement but nobody will dare say that in Bollywood).

RGV says Salman Khan is a bigger star in Bollywood star and not Shahrukh Khan. And the reasons why SRK is losing out to Salman Khan are the same why Kamal Haasan lost out to Rajinikanth.


With all these flattering comments about SRK, is Ram Gopal Varma trying to get Shahrukh Khan to act in his next crime thriller? Will it be named Ram Gopal Varma ka Darr?