Raj Kundra Says His Monthly Income is More Than What Salman Khan Earns From a Movie

Businessman Raj Kundra and Superstar Salman Khan were never the best of friends. Now they’re back in the news (at loggerheads) and their rivalry went one step higher after Raj made a comment that his monthly income is more than what Salman Khan earns from a movie.

How Much Does Raj Kundra Earn?

A college drop-out, at the age of 18, Raj Kundra bought pashmina shawls, sold them to all major fashion houses in Britain and made his first millions.

In the subsequent years, he began trading in diamonds and this business also proved to be lucky venture for him. He rose meteorically to be the business magnet in trading diamonds at international destinations. Today, he is a very successful business tycoon and his business empire spans across continents.

Its believed that Raj Kundra makes more than 100 million dollars every year as his personal income. He earns from diamonds, films, cricket, and many other ventures.

And what about Salman Khan?
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The Controversy

The businessman has further stated that he would never want to be like the superstar. Interestingly, actress Shilpa Shetty, wife of Raj Kundra is good friends with Salman Khan. Apparently, Raj is into filmmaking only because Shilpa is part of the industry.

Does Raj Kundra Really Earns a Lot More Than Salman Khan?

Things took an ugly turn when Raj tweeted “To all the Senti’Mental’ lot out there in a business interview I was asked would I act I said as a businessman i am unaffordable…period!”.

He again tweeted, “Dear friends respect all work. Excel in what you do. Create multiple sources of income. Finally Mujey Iss interview mein ‘Kick’ Mila xx.”

Kundra later tweeted, “To all haters…all I have to say is when u do charity u don’t need to talk about it. What I do when I do is none of your business. #kick.”

The incident took place during the press conference for Satyug Gold.

Salman’s Fans Angry

Salman Khan’s loyal fans expressed their disappointment and took to twitter after Raj Kundra stated that the amount that Salman earns in a year, he earns in a month.

The comments have left the fans shocked and some of them have even abused Raj for his statement. Fans accused Raj Kundra of earning money by match fixing at IPL, and have hailed Salman Khan for his charitable work.

Raj Kundra’s Clarification

Upset with the kind of negative response his statement garnered, Raj Kundra too took to Twitter to clarify about it and alleged that the media has misrepresented his comments.

He wrote, “To all the Senti’Mental’ lot out there in a business interview I was asked would I act I said as a businessman I am unaffordable..period!!” He further added, “I’m disappointed at today’s journalism, words r tweaked from interviews for sellable articles. I’d like to clarify I’m a businessman, not an actor!”

Raj said that, firstly, no one would even watch him, and secondly, producers would not be able to afford him. Kundra said: “Obviously no producer would over pay to get a bad non actor when he can sign a superstar for cheaper.”

Raj clarified that he gave Khan’s name as a reference, considering he is the no.1 actor in the country today. He also added if one would compare top 10 industrialist earnings to top 10 actors in Bollywood, the above said would be true. Whilst one gives fame the other certainly pays much better.

Not sure why Kundra seems to be upset with Salman. Isn’t it true that Raj Kundra came to the limelight only after marrying Shipa shetty?

Raj Kundra: Born to do Business

  • In 2004, was ranked in the top 200 richest British Asian by SUCCESS magazine (he was on no 198)
  • In the past, Kundra was the CEO of Essential General Trading LLC, a Dubai-based international trading company dealing in precious metals, construction, mining and green renewable energy projects.
  • Kundra is also a Bollywood film financier and production
  • Raj Kundra was the owner of the IPL cricket team Rajasthan Royals, but was suspended for life from any cricketing activity by the Supreme court after he was found guilty of betting.
  • Before marrying Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, Raj Kundra was married to Kavita
  • He is also the author of the book titled ‘How Not to Make Money’


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