Horlicks and A R Rahman to make learning easier for students through music

Learning apps are becoming common nowadays; there are several apps out there that make (attempt to male) learning easier for the kids by presenting the various concepts in an easy to understand manner, using visual aids and other tools.

But how about using music to teach school students?

While music is commonly used for nursery rhymes, Horlicks and music maestro A R Rahman will be creating music with the intention of providing alternate learning techniques to children to help them memorize things better.

Horlicks used to be a very popular nutritional drink for kids in the eighties and nineties; its popular even today but there is lot of competition from other brands as well. Horlicks and A R Rahman collaboration is named ‘Fearless Songs’.

Horlicks began ‘The Fearless Songs’ journey in West Bengal by collaborating with famous singer – Rupam Islam, to make learning easier for students. The song demystified intricate formulas of Chemistry by associating them with our daily lives, and went on to become quite popular.

To be frank, I find the chemistry song lot more catchy than the AR Rahman song. You can see it here.

Encouraged by the response, Horlicks has teamed with A R Rahman to do something with Tenses this time.

Horlicks believes that through music, even the most difficult topics can be made into enjoyable songs, that will possibly help kids learn better. The selection of topics for the songs (Chemistry formulae and Tenses) is backed by research and based on Google search data for middle school children.

“I believe it is important for me to connect to the gennext’s cause and the brand, during a collaboration. Horlicks was a part of my childhood, like I grew up with music, and the brand resonates with me. Music brings out the best in children and with “Fearless Songs” we intend to add a musical twist to learning and reduce the immense pressure kids face during the exam season, enabling the journey from fearful to fearless,” says Oscar award winner AR Rahman.