Quantico episode ‘AQUILINE’ was actually a secret CIA project to develop military drones

‘AQUILINE’ is the title of one of the episodes of the second season of Quantico (featuring Priyanka Chopra). ‘AQUILINE’was actually a secret CIA project (in the late 60s/early 70s) to develop small, surveillance aircrafts.

Watch: Quantico 2×06 Promo “AQUILINE” (HD); the next task for the trainees is to decide on a drone strike.

A couple of unmanned aerial reconnaissance programs, operated by the CIA during the cold war, were responsible for the increased use of military drones (half-century later), according to newly classified government documents.

The two programs Aquiline & Axilla, were operational during the early 1960s, when mounting losses of U-2 spy planes convinced agency officials of the need for small, undetectable aircrafts capable of conducting limited flyovers and bombing sorties.