SRK, Imtiaz Ali are filming ‘The Ring’ in Prague

Bollywood Baadshah SRK and Imtiaz Ali (known for his ‘unconventional’ love stories) are working together for the first time; their upcoming film ‘The Ring’ has several scenes that have been shot in Prague.

Checkout SRK filming for the movie in Prague.

Here are some more images from Prague.

Prague: Top Attractions & Film Shoots

The Central European city of Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. It began as a tiny settlement on the banks of the river Vltava and today its considered to be one of the worlds greatest architectural jewels. Prague is where sleek, modern buildings share space with ancient gothic architecture.

Prague’s cobblestone streets rarely follow a straight line; the city is a labyrinth where even locals get happily lost. Prague was earlier designed for horse & cart ad walking, so pack some comfortable shoes when you’re in the city. An easy way to discover Prague is to follow the Royal Route (this historic coronation route begins at the Powder Tower.)

Hrithik Roshan’s latest TVC for VIP (Bags) was shot in Prague

Movies Filmed at Charles Bridge (Prague, Czech Republic)

Movies Filmed at Charles Bridge, the oldest bridge in Prague.

Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Rockstar’ was filmed predominantly in the Czech Republic. Couple of songs from the movie ‘Aur Ho’ and ‘Hawaa Hawaa’ were filmed on/near the Charles Bridge.

The song Hawa Hawa from Rockstar

Even the Hollywood movie ‘Mission: Impossible’ had a few scenes that were filmed at the Charles Bridge.

Hawa Hawa song from Rockstar

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Karlstejn Castle (Prague, Czech Republic)

The majestic ‘Karlstejn Castle’ is one of the most popular symbol/landmark of the Czech Republic. Located 30 km southwest of Prague above the KarlĹĄtejn village, it’s one of the most visited castles in the Czech Republic.

Several films have been shot at this location, including Indian films.

karlstejn castle in prague, rockstarThe movie ‘Rockstar’ (Ranbir Kapoor) was shot extensively in/around Prague and one of the scenes were filmed at the Karlstejn Castle (the scene where Nargis Fakhri asks Ranbir Kapoor to drop her home and never meet again).

You get to see the castle immediately after the song “Hawa Hawa” (composed by maestro A.R. Rahman) from the movie ‘Rockstar’, where Ranbir & Nargis drive away on a bike towards Karlstejn Castle, Prague, Czechoslovakia.

More About Karlstejn Castle

karlstejn castle in prague, rockstarBuilt of stone in the thirteenth century by Czech king and Roman Emperor Charles IV, the castle is the pride of Czech Gothic craftsmanship.

If you’re in Prague and have some time to spare, do visit the castle. You’ll like it, in case you really appreciate culture (Mind you, there’s an entry fee…in case you’re least interested in culture/history).

When you reach the village, do not rent transport right at the entry of the village, it’s not worth the price. Just take a walk and you should be near the castle in around 15 minutes. Also, get a guide who can speak English (pricey but you can communicate with him/her in English).

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