PK (Peekay) Movie Review

Both, audiences as well as those from the film fraternity, have great expectations from the pair of Raju Hirani & Aamir Khan (ever since 3 Idiots released), and with Peekay (P.K.), the pair did not disappoint the viewers (at least going by the box-office records it seems so).

Compared to other big films, the filmmakers of P.K. have not spent much on the film promotion (probably because they know that a Raju Hirani film spreads best through word of mouth). From time to time, the filmmakers did come out with posters that made the audience even more curious. For long, the audience were speculating about the plot of the film, but now its all out in the open.

Post PK effect, funny meme

Plot of the Film
The movie is about an alien who lands on earth, but gets robbed of the remote through which he could have gone back home. As he navigates the human world in desperate search of his remote, there are many thing that he teaches humans, and also learns a few things himself from humans.


  • Excellently touches a sensitive topic (Gods and Godmen) and makes some serious points…in an amusing manner
  • Simplicity of the film including the songs
  • Skillfully binds together several threads
  • Like Raju Hirani’s earlier films, P.K. also teaches several things

Its difficult to spot negatives in a Raju Hirani film, but a few minor points worth mentioning.

  • The team definitely cut costs on production value. Most of the places you can feel that the stage or the studio could have been bigger.
  • Barring Aamir Khan & Anushka, the other characters have tiny/forgettable roles
  • If you have seen the movie ‘Oh My God’ (featuring Paresh Rawal), you can see lot of similarities in the movies.
  • Boman Irani plays a comparatively minor/low-impact role (He was sort of a hero in the earlier Raju Hirani films)
  • Sushant singh rajput’s role is even shorter (his fans would probably be disappointed)
  • The first few minutes post-interval seems to be an extension of Munnabhai 2 (where callers call the radio station, in this movieits a TV channel)
  • The second half could have been a bit shorter

The beginning of the movie is filmed in Bruges, Belgium.

Aamir Khan Goes Nude for PK (Peekay) Poster, Shot in Rajasthan

When its the duo of Aamir Khan & Raju Hirani, you can definitely expect the unexpected. That’s what happened when the poster of PK was revealed. Obviously it raised its share of criticism too as Aamir Khan had gone completely nude for the poster. But do you know where was the poster shot?

Aamir Khan Goes Nude for PK Poster, Shot in Rajasthan

If you thought that the poster was shot in green screens or chroma backgrounds, and then the background was changed, that’s incorrect! The shooting of the poster took place at a real location, which was an abandoned railway track in Rajasthan.

The makers were able to prevent the poster from leaking to the outside world because of the strict security measures that were taken during the shoot. Reportedly, only a select few were allowed on sets and they were asked to leave their cellphones and laptops at the hotel located in the city.

The poster of PK (Peekay) has successfully manage to create the required buzz about the project, and I’m sure the audience will be eagerly waiting to see the movies’ trailer.


Should you watch P.K.? Definitely YES! And this one is indeed a family movie (many other filmmakers claim there’s a family movie but they’re far from it).

Is there a better teacher (using the film medium) in India other than Raju Hirani? I doubt!

Will this film do better than ‘3 Idiots’? Hmmm….Probably not!

Could anybody do the role of PK better than Aamir khan? I doubt.

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