Percept to export popular Sunburn and Bollyboom festivals to foreign countries

Percept plans to export formats of popular music festivals Sunburn & Bollyboom to foreign countries.

The Sunburn dance music festival is among the biggest music festivals in the world that attracts fans from all over the world. Percept’s another concept ‘Bollyboom’ (Bollywood’s biggest dance music festival) also looks promising.

With the company deciding to focus only on certain segments, it makes good business sense to export these successful formats in other countries.

“Out of our intellectual properties, Sunburn is the one that can help us grow our markets into Eastern Europe, South America, South Africa, Middle East and Asia. Bollyboom is another property that we can take across the world in different formats to any place where people love Bollywood music,” Harindra Singh – Percept Limited chairman and managing director.

At one time, Percept was involved in a lot of things (in the entertainment sector), involving producing films. In the past couple of years, Percept has restructured and downsized, closing several branch offices, and now aim to focus only on a few things.


“One thing we have learned from our own experience is that it’s better to focus on a couple of areas and be good at that rather than doing so many other things. We have a stable focus in future. We are not going to get into labor or capital- intensive businesses,” Harindra Singh (Percept Limited chairman and managing director).

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