Old passenger throws coins in plane engine for good luck, shocked co-passengers alert flight crew

There are many who fear flying, some even pray when the flight takes of or lands. Some tightly hold the hands of their neighbours (if they’re friends or family), but this one is going a bit too far.

An 80-year-old woman in China threw coins into the engine “for good luck” as she prepared to board the flight (China Southern Airlines) to Guangzhou, the BBC reports.

Well, that indeed sounds scary. It will probably take just one coin to get inside the engine and get it to malfunction.

Co-passengers observed the strange behaviour of the elderly lady (at Shanghai Pudong International Airport), who was travelling with her family, and quickly informed the flight crew.

The family was then taken away for questioning after the incident, which delayed the flight for five hours while the engine was inspected.


After the engine was searched, China Southern Airlines found that one of the coins had made it into the engine, and that would have been enough to cause technical problems and even possible engine failure.

Well, the next time you’re travelling, make sure you keep an eye on your co-passengers; chucking coins into a jet engine is definitely not going to guarantee a safe journey.