John Abraham wants to promote Parmanu differently, avoids malls

John Abraham is leaving no stones unturned to promote his upcoming film Parmanu. However, he is making sure its not promoted as any other typical Bollywood (masala) film.

That is one of the reasons why he didn’t promote Parmanu in a mall recently, even though thousands would have turned up for the promotional event.

“Honestly, I was asked to go to a mall where there are 20,000 people. But our film is not about a mall, so let’s use this as an excuse to let people feel proud about the country. We only hear negative things in the news about India and it’s quite disheartening. So I thought let’s use today, make it an example and get people out and ask them what it is it about India that they love,” said John.

PARMANU: The Story Of Pokhran | OFFICIAL TRAILER | John Abraham, Diana Penty, Boman Irani

John Abraham Warned Shahid Kapoor About KriArj Entertainment

John Abraham on realizing that Shahid Kapoor’s Batti Gul Meter Chaalu also had KriArj Entertainment on board, called Shahid to caution him against the producers. A source close to the affair said, “John told Shahid to be careful about whatever moves he made in lieu of BGMC (with KriArj). Besides talking about their respective films with the then common producer, Shahid appreciated the fact that John called on him.”

John Abraham takes over Parmanu, chucks co-producers

John Abraham has terminated the contract with co-producers KriArj Entertainment over material breaches for their forthcoming film “Parmanu”. John has taken over the film and announced a new release date.

Actor John Abraham has given he following reason for termination of the contract, “Delay in payments/non-payments, have caused delays in the post production work after the film’s principal shoot was completed by us in time and on schedule last year.” On the other hand, Kriarj responded to the decision as ‘invalid and illegal.’ “Please note that the said termination is illegal and invalid. Our rights in the film as a joint producer/presenter and owner of all rights are fully secured, we have always fulfilled all our commitments till date and have clear intent to continue doing so,” PTI quoted Kriarj as saying.

The PR teams of both THE PARTIES have released press statements (washed their dirty linen in public).

Here is John Abraham’s side:

“Termination of the agreement by us is valid and legal. Kriarj has committed material breaches, which left us with no choice but to terminate in the interest of the film. We would like to state that this extreme step has been taken by us after days of trying to resolve the issues at hand in the best interest of the release of the film.

We have fulfilled our commitment at every stage of this project and intimated Kriarj in writing from time to time. We have been waiting and asking for payments at every stage..our payments have either been delayed or we have received wrong UTR number. Cheque payments have been stopped time and again. Delay in payments / non-payments, have caused delays in the post-production work after the film’s principal shoot was completed in time and on schedule last year.

Despite repeated follow-up, the distribution plan for the film has not been shared and there has been no transparency in their dealings with third parties. We have till date not been privy to any signed contracts of third parties with Kriarj, if any.

JA Entertainment has time and again sat on the marketing campaign and the dates have been pushed at least 3 times, thanks to delayed payments. Not only that, Kriarj without our approval has gone out and made statements giving false reasons for the delay.

Our repeated follow-ups have only been met with false promises to settle the issue, thus wasting crucial time on the project. The industry knows of the track record of Kriarj. There has been a similar incident in the past with another film where they have done the same thing.

Given the above, and in the best interest of the film, we have terminated our contract with KriArj Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and will soon announce the release schedule.

Any future attempts by KriArj to jeopardize the film or defame the production house and/or the film, like they have done in the past with other films, will compel us to initiate legal proceedings against them.”

Here’s the counter-reply from KriArj:

“The allegations made by JA Ent are false and frivolous. The fact that they want to defraud us is amplified from that fact that inspite of payment of almost 30 Crores and Kriarj being fully and naturally willing to promote and release the Film at the earliest they stopped promotions and now want to walk away with the Film without any remorse in such an unethical fashion which is there for all to see.

We do not wish to further comment on the ongoing dispute and/or stoop to the levels of JA Ent.

We have already initiated appropriate action against JA Ent and its promoter/s and we reserve our rights to make further statements on this subject until disposition of our claims against JA Ent and its promoter Mr. John Abraham.”

They have termed the termination as “illegal” and “invalid.”

What we know for sure:

Abraham has a spotless record since he began producing films in 2012. KriArj, on the other hand, has had spats with others. An insider reveals that a certain high-profile producer, who is extremely publicity-savvy, (read one of the KriArj partners) is in deep debt and is trying her best to remain above water.

Lets hope John manages to release the film at the earliest, considering it was planned to release in January.

Checkout the first poster of John Abraham starrer ‘Parmanu- The Story of Pokhran’

The first poster of John Abraham’s upcoming film “Parmanu – The Story of Pokhran” is out, and it looks dramatic. We are now eager to check out its trailer!

Parmanu- The Story Of Pokhran is directed by Abhishek Sharma, and the film is based on the nuclear test conducted in Pokhran in 1998.

Day 1.. Parmanu..The Story of Pokhran. Our biggest test ever!!! @johnabrahament #kriarjentertainment #Parmanu

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India had conducted five nuclear tests on May 11 and 13 (1998) in the city Pokhran. It was reported that earlier this film was named ‘Shantivan’, but later the name of the movie was changed to ‘Parmanu- The Story of Pokhran’.

The film has been shot in Mumbai, Delhi, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan.