Oscar goof up: Bollywood reacts with amusement

Oscar goof up: Bollywood and film celebs react on the mix-up.

When it comes to awards for actors and artistes, the Oscars is considered to be the most genuine recognition of true talent (Indian film awards, on the contrary, are considered to be the opposite).

However, the recent goof-up at the Oscars have finally provided Bollywood celebs with a reason to laugh at the Oscars. And in this case, the mix-up at the Oscars was pretty serious.

Here’s how our Bollywood celebrities have reacted to the Oscar goof-up.

“Oscars saving the best moment for last. At least this doesn’t happen in our award shows… we just give it to whoever is still there in audience,” filmmaker-choreographer Farah Khan.


Donald Trump get an opportunity to get back at Hollywood, blames Oscars goof-up on Hollywood’s obsession about him (referring to Meryl Streep’s public feud with Donald Trump) rather than concentrating on running a smooth show. In an interview with conservative website Breitbart News, Trump said Oscars organizers had taken their eyes off the ball because they “were focused so hard on politics.

Here are more comments from Indian film celebs.

“Oscars, what? No critics award? No popular award? Gosh these guys just don’t know how to make everyone happy,” Filmmaker Kunal Kohli.

Here are some more funny reactions:

In a rare mix-up, the presenters awarded the Oscar (2017) for the best picture to ‘La L Land’ instead of ‘Moonlight’. “La La Land” won six trophies including best director and actress, but was incorrectly declared the best picture winner by Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway at the Academy award ceremony.