Oman Tourism launches global advertising campaign

Oman Tourism will be launching its global advertising campaign on television and other digital platforms. The campaign will highlight the top destinations of Oman.

The film’s overall look is contemporary to appeal to Indians as well as international audiences, and shows you picturesque locations of Muscat city, rustic town of Sur, historic city of Nizwa, well-nurtured turtle reserve at Ras Al Jinz, breezy mountainous regions of Jabal Akdhar and pristine Damaniyat Islands.

The film shows a young man from India visiting Oman for a friend’s wedding and then exploring the touristy places of Oman with his friends.

Watch: Oman Tourism’s First Global TVC

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“We are successfully promoting Oman in the Indian market and in countries around the world, and felt there was a strong need for a customized film that highlights the Omani culture, landscape and history, while also depicting the outdoor adventure and wedding aspects of Oman,” said Director General of Tourism Promotion.

The film intends to capture the imagination of not just HNIs and premium travellers, but also the younger audiences, women travellers, etc. Besides, ‘weddings’ being an important part of Indian culture, the film also tries to promote Oman as wedding destination.

Multiple versions of the film has been created to cater to different segments (TV, online display, etc.).