Despite opposition, Norway decides to scrap FM Radio & go for complete Radio Digitization

Despite opposition from locals, Norway has decided to scrap FM Radio & opt for the more modern Digital Radio.

We all love to listen to our favourite Bollywood songs (new as well as old) on the various FM radio channels. But did you know that FM is a traditional (older) broadcasting method and more advanced broadcasting methods are available now? And guess what, its Norway that is completely scrapping FM Radio & going completely digital.

Norway will start shutting down its FM radio network, starting with the northern city of Bodo, before moving south.
However, the change is not going to happen overnight, but Norway is aiming to go for complete Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) in the next few years.

Most of the top national FM channels will stop broadcasting by the end of the year (as per Vocativ) though some local stations will continue FM broadcasts for a few years more.

The cost of Digital radio for Norway comes out to almost the same as the FM network (around $29 million) but allows for eight times more radio stations.


“There is only room for five national channels on FM in Norway but there is space for over 40 on DAB. Radio digitization will open the door to a far greater range of radio channels, benefiting listeners across the country. Listeners will have access to more diverse and pluralistic radio content, and enjoy better sound quality and new functionality,” Thorhild Widvey, the culture minister of Norway, on proposed phasing out of FM.

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But are Norwegians’ excited? Reuters reports that a majority of them opposed the move.

  • Most of them are vehicle owners without digital audio broadcasting receivers (they will need to buy and setup a digital adapter).
  • Some also fear that emergency alerts, which are usually broadcast on FM radio, might not reach those on digital radio.

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Norway’s move is being closely watched by other countries like UK, South Korea, Sweden, and Denmark, all these countries are considering the switch.

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