Netherlands, Which Has More Bicycles than Residents, is Home to World’s First Solar Bike Lane

Netherlands, which has more bicycles than residents and where most journeys happen on the bike, is home to World’s first solar bike lane. Its a great way to make use of the surface, to generate electricity.

Netherlands, Which Has More Bicycles than Residents, is Home to World's First Solar Bike Lane

Cycling is Extremely Popular in the Netherlands

Because cycling is so popular in Holland, the Dutch have built a vast network of cycle paths to make it safer for the Dutch when they’re out with their cycles on the roads.

And believe me, some of these cycling paths are as wide as the roads that exists in the busting cities of various countries in Asia, Africa & Latin America.

These are clearly marked, have smooth surfaces, separate signs and lights for those on two wheels, and wide enough to allow side-by-side cycling and overtaking.

Worlds First Solar Bike Lane

Now the Dutch have found a novel way to make use of these paths, they have laid down the world’s first solar bike lane in Amsterdam.

The solar panels are sandwiched between glass, silicon rubber and concrete, and are strong enough to support 12-tonne fire trucks without any damage. The electricity generated from these panels feed straight into street lighting, or the grid.

School children and commuters see the bike road as very useful and a cool part of their daily commute. The country intends to power everything from traffic lights to electric cars using solar panels.

Future Plans

Plans are now on to try to roll the technology out in other provinces as well. A similar agreement has also been signed with California in the US.

Can we expect something similar in India? Well, first they need to at least have dedicated lanes for cyclists.