Most Evil Mother-In-Law Ever in Bollywood

Dahej (dowry) was one of the most popular topics for Indian filmmakers at one time, and the most villainous roles would usually go to the Mother-in-law. Several Bollywood female actors have played this role, and almost all of them did justice to their roles; they all looked mean on the screen.

But there was one actor who made the character looked so evil, that as an audience, you would feel like killing her…almost.

So can you tell the name of that female actor?

Bindu is almost there; she has dome some amazing roles (negative character) as a mother-in-law, but there’s somebody else who has done it much better, and for a long time was one of the most hated person (at least onscreen).

And her name is Lalita Pawar!


Her name was synonymous with “evil mother-in-law”. She has played that role in several movies (family dramas) right from the fifties to the seventies.

Only in a handful of movies, you would actually see a feisty daughter-in-law who had the guts to take her on, one of them was (Reena Roy) in Sau Din Saas Ke (mother-in-law’s 100 days)!

Lalita Pawar has acted in over 700 films in various languages, and wanted to be a heroine when she started out. However, at the age of 25, she was slapped by film actor Bhagwan Dada for her mistake while shooting. The slap was so hard that a nerve near her left eye burst, which resulted in a permanent damage to her face. As a result, she was forced to take on character roles.

Parents vs In-Laws (funny):

Parents r upset if their call wakes u up
inlaws r upset if they find u sleeping,

parents ask what u’ll have for breakfast
inlaws ask what u’ll make for breakfast,

Parents will hide ur faults
Inlaws will tell them to all,

Parents will first ask about u,
Inlaws will ask about everything but not abt u.

Parents r great at doing things 4 u,
Inlaws r great at delegating things to u,

Parents will appreciate the little u do
Inlaws will complain about the little that’s left to do.

Parents r happy when u
buy something new
Inlaws will frown at every expense u do.

Phir kehti hain, muje Mummy aur papa bulao…