Moscow: Capital City of Russia Waiting to be Touched by Bollywood

moscow, capital city of russia Several Hollywood movies have been shot in Moscow, but the city has largely been untouched by Bollywood yet. However, the way Bollywood is going after unexplored locations, it could probably be just a matter of time.

Moscow is Russia’s most cosmopolitan, populous and modern city, and a must-visit destination if you’re in Russia. With the Russian economy doing well, modern-day Moscow is currently enjoying an unprecedented period of luxury and self indulgence, with the well-heeled Muscovites not hesitating to flaunt their wealth.

Apart from being the political and economic capital of Russia, Moscow is also the center of Russian performing arts and home to several theatres, concert-halls and cinema halls.

Also referred to using nicknames such as Whitestone, The First Throne and The Third Rome, Moscow is known for its architecture, monuments, heritage buildings, parks, gardens, and more.

Summer (May to August), when the days are longer and warmer, is the best time to visit Moscow. Here are some of the top attractions of Moscow.


moscow attractions

The Kremlin

The Kremlin is a fortress surrounded by a thick red wall. It is a situated at the top of a hill in the center of Moscow city. It houses several palaces, churches, museums and monuments. The Armoury Palace in the Kremlin is one of the richest museums with an astonishing collection of treasure.

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is the largest Orthodox Church in the world. It also houses a small indoor museum.

St Basil’s Cathedral

Standing in the Red Square compound, the beautiful St Basil’s Cathedral was commissioned in 1552 by Ivan IV to commemorate his victory over the Tartar Mongols.

Tretyakov Gallery

Named after its founder, Pavel Tretyakov, Tretyakov Gallery is home to world’s finest collection of paintings, graphics and sculptures.

Red Square

Red Square is a cobbled space in the heart of the city. It originally served as a place for public ceremonies, parades, government announcements and even executions.

State Historical Museum of Russia

The State Historical Museum of Russia houses millions of collections on Russian history. Some of the interesting items on display include Russian folk ceramics, gold artifacts of the Scythians and longboat excavated from Volga River.

Moscow Metro

Catering to about two and half billion passengers per year, Moscow Metro is one of the magnificent underground rail systems of the world.

Borodino Panorama Museum

The Borodino Panorama Museum houses exhibits from the Napoleonic wars. It was inaugurated in 1960.

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

Located in Volkhonka street, opposite the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts is the largest European art museum in Moscow.

Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre

Bolshoi is the oldest theatre of Moscow dating back to 1824. It has hosted some of the most popular performances of the world.

Poklonnaya Hill

One of the highest spots of Moscow, Poklonnaya Hill was a place of great strategic importance. Victory Park on the hill provides a scenic place for a relaxing walk. v

In the past, Russian didn’t encourage tourists to Moscow and so amenities for visitors were somewhat limited. However, things are changing now and most hotels now provide city maps and advice on sightseeing and tour operators.

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