Indian Media & Entertainment Business to Double in the Next Five Years

The growth will mainly be led by growth in advertising revenue. Now this is good news for those in the media and entertainment industry, and for students who are studying to get into this industry. A recent report (FICCI KPMG Report) suggests that the Indian Media & Entertainment Business will almost double in the next five years (by 2020).

“M&E industry in India is poised to grow at a CAGR of 14.3 per cent to INR 2260 billion by 2020, led by advertising revenue which is expected to grow to INR 994 billion at a CAGR of 15.9 per cent,” the Media and Entertainment Industry Report 2016 said.

Here are some important findings of the report.

  • Digital format would have the highest growth in the advertising segment between 2015-20, followed by Radio.
    “Digital advertising continued its strong run as a mounting Internet user base and data usage were supplemented by increased spend allocation by marketers,” said the report.

  • Digital advertising to contribute up to 25 per cent of total advertising revenues by 2020. Increased share of mobile and video advertising as part of digital media.
  • Advertising revenues from television will continue to show a robust growth. Delay in digitisation of home cable delivery system means that subscription growth would be slower than anticipated.
  • Films are expected to grow largely on the back of growing acceptance of the regional and Hollywood content. Lack of screen density is a key constraint to sustained growth especially for Bollywood content
  • Print growth to be driven by growing regional markets with rural demand expected to be strong on the back of multiple government initiatives.