Here’s Why Marriage Gets Better With Age

Have you ever watched an elderly couple walk outdoors? Usually, its difficult to say which one is holding the other up, but one thing is for sure that they have been supporting each other for many years. Couples who are much younger may not give it much thought, but think over it for a while and the reality will sink in that some day you are also going to reach that stage.

And that’s when you’ll appreciate having a partner. Despite several differences, the fact is that your partner is very likely to be with you through the best and the worst parts of your life. Your parents would have gone long back; your children may not be around you all the time. With age, you will really appreciate having a friend who offers unconditional love to you, who appreciates you for who you are and for who you have become.

Listen to ‘Tere Bina Zindagi Se’ song from the movie Aandhi (Kishore Kumar & Lata Mangeshkar, Music by R.D.Burman)

Here’s a nice little poem that summarizes what most elderly couple would agree to! Its in hindi and although I could translate it to English, but I guess it sounds good and can be appreciated only in that language.

Its titled ‘Anth me hum hi honge’ (In the end its only going to be us).


अन्त में हम दोनों ही होंगे !!!.

भले ही झगड़े, गुस्सा करे,
एक दूसरे पर टूट पड़े
एक दूसरे पर दादागिरि करने के
लिये, अन्त में हम दोनों ही होंगे

जो कहना हे, वह कह ले,
जो करना हे, वह कर ले
एक दुसरे के चश्मे और
लकड़ी ढूँढने में,
अन्त में हम दोनों ही होंगे

मैं रूठूं तो तुम मना लेना,
तुम रूठो ताे मै मना लूँगा
एक दुसरे को लाड़ लड़ाने के लिये,
अन्त में हम दोनों ही होंगे

आँखे जब धुँधली होंगी,
याददाश्त जब कमजोर होंगी
तब एक दूसरे को एक दूसरे
मे ढूँढने के लिए,
अन्त में हम दोनों ही होंगे

घुटने जब दुखने लगेंगे,
कमर भी झुकना बंद करेगी
तब एक दूसरे के पांव के नाखून काटने के लिए,
अन्त में हम दोनों ही होंगे

“मेरी हेल्थ रिपोर्ट एक दम नॉर्मल
है, आइ एम आलराईट
ऐसा कह कर ऐक दूसरे को
बहकाने के लिए,
अन्त में हम दोनों ही होंगे

साथ जब छूट जायेगा,
बिदाई की घड़ी जब आ जायेगी
तब एक दूसरे को माफ करने के लिए,
अन्त में हम दोनों ही होंगे….

Despite the thousands of jokes that exist on weddings & relationships, reality of any married life is this!