Think of film posters, think ‘Marching Ants’

When it comes to making Bollywood posters, one company seems to be on the minds of everybody, and that is Marching Ants. Co-founder Rajeev Chudasama says film posters are like visiting cards for films.

Located in Lokhandwala, Andheri, Marching Ants have been making posters for the last 2 decades (beginning with Ek Haseena Thi in 2001).

Back in those days, film posters were not given much importance during a film’s release, but today its an important part of the film promotion.

So why are film posters today so important, as compared to say couple of decades back?

“Earlier the importance of marketing and publicity was an afterthought. It was more of a reminder of which film is coming and who are the actors. But now, most of the times, the poster communicates what the film is all about, it’s about the excitement, and the tease. It’s about making the audience wanting more,” says Rajeev.

Even the way posters are made nowadays is much different from how it was made a couple of decades back, the most important difference being the use of computers, software and technology.

Its less worrying now (even though tight deadlines exist), as you get an idea of how the final result is going to look like.

Earlier, there were no computers when we were shooting, we used to shoot on a film. There used to be so much fear whether we got the focus or exposure or lighting correct. There was far more pressure on the photographer to get it correct and that’s why we used to shoot so much more. Right now, there are times when I have 12 shots and I don’t mind moving to the next shot!

Website: Marchingants