Mali U-17 football players crazy about Bollywood

Mali, a West African country loves Bollywood. Once in a month, a television channel in Mali shows a recent Bollywood flick. Not surprising then that Shah Rukh Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are huge stars in Mali as well.

Mali’s football team is currently in India to participate in the FIFA U-17 World Cup, some of these teens are even planning to visit houses of top Bollywood stars.

However, their managers want them to focus on playing football and not focus on Bollywood right now. In fact, they have implemented strict social media curbs on their teenage football players, until the tournament is over, to keep the players in check.

We just hope that they get the opportunity to visit their favorite stars’ houses, and may be even get a glimpse of their favorite Bollywood stars.

About Mali

Mali is like an exquisite sandcastle in the midst of a harsh desert landscape, and blessed with lots of beauty, wonders, and talents.

Top Mali tourist attractions

The heart of the nation is Bamako, where musicians play to dancing crowds. In the Dogon country, villagers still cling to the cliffs as they did in ancient times. Further west, Fula women wear silver jewellery on their ears and strap their belongings to donkeys, forming caravans that march across the hamada (dry, dusty scrubland). In the northeast, writings of ancient African civilisations remain locked in the beautiful libraries of Timbuktu.

Mali’s tourism affected by violence