AR Rahman wants young Lydian to become India’s Lang Lang

Oscar Award winner AR Rahman hopes young Indian pianist Lydian Nadhaswaram goes on to become India’s Lang Lang after the young pianist from Chennai went on to win the CBS show ‘The World’s Best’ by his impressive piano skills.

‘The World’s Best’ is a multi-genre competition in which participants from over 150 countries perform in front of globally acclaimed judges. 13-year old Lydian bagged the 1 million dollar prize money by impressing the judges with his piano-playing skills.

“My dream is to play the piano in the moon,” says Lydian, who nurtures hopes of being part of Elon Musk’s Space X’s programme in 2023, which will take a few musicians to the moon. Lydian wants to play Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’ on the moon.

Here’s more about the young prodigy.

  • Lydian Nadhaswaram’s name is based on the Lydian music scale (those who have learnt music theory would know)
  • Lydian spent four years training on a full-scholarship at AR Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory (Chennai)
  • Lydian went on to win the CBS show ‘The World’s Best’ and also featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.
  • 13-year old Lydian won the top prize of 1 million dollars on US show ‘The World’s Best’
  • Lydian also plays the mridangam and tabla. His father and sister sing Carnatic music.

Interestingly, Lydian first went to AR Rahman founded KM Music Conservatory to learn the tabla, but soon fell in love with the piano.


Meanwhile mentor AR Rahman is happy that the young pianist has put Chennai in the spotlight. He wants the young pianist to be India’s answer to Lang Lang (the famous concert pianist from China), and feels Lydian is India’s musical ambassador.

Here’s Rahman interviewing the little maestro. Rahman thinks Lydian’s age and of-course his skills won him the top prize at the ‘The World’s Best’

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