Lithuania launches tourism campaign in a hurry, use pics of other countries for promotion

Lithuania uses pictures of other countries for tourism campaign, head of the state tourism agency resigns.

In order to attract more tourists to its sandy beaches and lush woodlands, Lithuania had launched the ‘Real is Beautiful’ campaign a few months back.

However, it seems, the agencies involved in the promotion, randomly picked up pictures of other neighboring countries (Finland and Slovakia) and used them for Lithuania’s tourism campaign (someone obviously forgot to cross-check).

Responding to the gaffe, the department and local media agencies insisted the overseas pictures were sufficient to “communicate emotion” – however, the has been widely mocked online.

The head of Lithuania’s state tourism agency resigned after admitting that the landscape photos used in the media campaign were of other countries.

Lithuanian Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis also joined the fun (amid the several online jokes) by posting a tongue-in-the-cheek Facebook comment. Next to a photo of the European Union’s headquarters in Brussels he wrote “we are moving government to this building tomorrow. Real is beautiful.”

About ‘Lithuania. Real is Beautiful’ Campaign

“We have a message to the world: real things are beautiful to us. Real is beautiful. When you want to get away from fake smiles, concrete jungle, industrial madness, plastic architecture or conveyor belt of tourism, visiting Lithuania is a great decision. Lithuania is the place where real things are valued. Even if they are a bit off or imperfect. We’re proud of our imperfections. In other words, we see the beauty in them. This is our new tourism communication. Unvarnished, with no make up, sincere, real. Lithuania. Real is beautiful” – Creative director.

Watch: Lithuania presentation

Watch: Lithuania. Real is beautiful