Film tourism to boost Kurnool (Andhra Pradesh) economy

Tourism board to improve infrastructure in Kurnool (Andhra Pradesh) to boost film tourism economy.

Haven’t heard of Kurnool?

If you love traveling, perhaps its time to checkout the city located in Andhra Pradesh. Kurnool, located on the banks of the Tungabhadra river and close to the Nallamalas mountains, has several famous tourist attractions.

The place already attracts several Indian filmmakers who love to have the valleys, rivers, caves, as backdrops for their films.

One of the top reason that Kurnool has become popular for film-making is because its “Not too expensive to shoot here”


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Here are some of the attractions Kurnool offers that will appeal not just to tourists, but also to filmmakers.

  • Kondareddy Burz and Banganapalli Nawab Bungalow are favourite spots for film and TV serial shooting. Srisailam dam and neighboring ghats, cliffs, ridges, plateaus and dense forests, are great for Film and TV shooting
  • Belum Caves running a length of 3,229 metres, are the second longest caves in India and are popular for their stalactite and stalagmite formations. At their deepest point, the caves go as deep as 150 feet and the point is referred to as Patalaganga.
  • Spread over 1,000 acre park, Orvakal Rock Garden (located outside Orvakal village) boasts of igneous rock formations between pools of water. Ahobilam is another attraction, where you can see the Ugra Sthambam, a huge rock jutting out of a mountain cliff.
  • Owk (or Avuku) is another historically famous spot that claims to be originator of Zamindari. The Owk tank has been turned into a water reservoir. Its long street has a Vishnu temple constructed by Nandyala Chinna Krishnama Raju in 17th century. There is also a temple for deity Mallama who is treated as an incarnation of Adhiparashakthi and Grama Deva-tha of Owk Village. The town also has two beautiful waterfalls, the Gollaleru and Paleru in its vicinity.
  • Yaganti is famous for the Sri Yaganti Uma Maheswara Swamy Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva and one of the few temples patronized by one of the great dynasties of India.

Aware of the potential of the region, the Department of Tourism intends to make further investments in the region in order to strengthen its tourism infrastructure in order to attract more national and international tourists. Kurnool currently attracts travellers from Hyderabad and neighbouring areas.

The plans would cover Sunkesula dam, Uruk-unda Eeranna Swamy temple, Ellarthy dargah, Belum and Valmiki caves, Gajuladinne project, Yaganti and other places. Attractions like boating and floating jetty would be introduced.

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