Kunal Kapoor holidays in Japan, trains with Ninja warrior

Actor Kunal Kapoor (was a part of Dear Zindagi) recently went on a vacation to Japan, the land of the rising sun, and comes back enamored.

Kunal Kapoor in Japan

We all know that the Japanese are the most humble and disciplined people in the world, and Kunal agrees too. “I am totally enamoured by their culture and would love to go back again and train,” says Kunal.

Checkout these beautiful landscape pictures of Japan posted by Kunal Kapoor while in Japan.

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kunal kapoor japan

Got Trained with Ninja Warriors

Because Kunal was in the land of the Ninjas, he took the opportunity and got trained in judo with a ninja family (400 year old history) in Tokyo. The Jidaa School is one of the few ninjutsu dojos in Japan with strong family origins having served generations of emperors.

Guess what Kunal didn’t get to see the face of his instructor at all (that’s how most Ninja warriors are shown in movies). “Yup, he wore a mask all the time. If I meet him on the street, I wouldn’t even recognize him,” says Kunal.

“I have always been a huge fan of Japanese culture, having grown up on Manga comics, their movies and food. I have wanted to go there for a long time. When I found out about this family, my urge to go there grew all the more. And the moment I got a break from my schedule, I enrolled myself in the programme. While I was there, we worked on movement, weapons training and a meditative technique known as Ku,” says Kunal.

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