Kick An Absolute Eid Dhamaka: Here’s Our Readers View

Kick movie review brings to you the review of the movie ‘Kick’, as experienced by one of our readers (‘Srinivas Iyer’), who happens to be a die hard fan of Salman Khan.

For die-hard fans of Salman Khan, it doesn’t matter what the script of the movie is, but the fact that ‘bhai’ is acting in the movie is good enough reason for them to see the movie, and for them, every movie of his is a blockbuster.

But there are many more who go and watch his movies (including me), for the sake of getting entertained for a few hours, and because I love watching movies. So here’s what I felt about the movie.

The first half of the movie focuses solely on ‘Bhai’. It’s all about Salman Khan, his idiosyncrasies, his romance with Jacqueline. There’s lots of seemingly funny sequences (that also includes Mithun Da and Archana Puran Singh).
This is where the not-so die-hard fans of Salman Khan probably feel what those jokes are all about. The pace is slow and many would find it dragging. Some of my friends told me that they slept through the first half and some even came out of the theatre.

I am glad that I chose to see the movie because the second half is much better with the action picking up. The dual between Salman Khan and Randeep Hooda is excellent, and Nawazuddin’s part only spices up the latter half of the movie. Those who left the movie half-way and are wondering why Salman Khan steals the money, the answer is revealed in the later half of the movie.


Randeep Hooda & Nawazuddin are great in their respective roles; in fact I really wish Randeep Hooda had a lengthier role. Jacqueline is missing (almost) in the second half of the movie. In fact, if for any reason you miss hearing Randeep Hooda’s comment saying (‘Naukri bhe le gaye aur chokri bhi’), you wouldn’t actually know with home the heroine goes in the end.

A big part of the movie is shot in Warsaw which makes it visually appealing. It has got some great action scenes and Salman’s train crossing scene on his bicycle is a hit with several spoof videos already mushrooming on YouTube. Music by Himesh Reshammiya is also great, with some really catchy numbers.

Overall, it’s a decent movie that picks up pace in the second half; its definitely better than ‘Jai Ho’ but not in the category of a ‘Dabangg’.