Unlike the Khans, ‘Khiladi’ Akshay Kumar Does Not Wait for Festivals to Release His Films

In an industry, where actors are known to be insecure about their career, and how their next film will fare, Khiladi ‘Akshay kumar’ comes across as the odd man out. Unlike his peers, he does several films in a year, which at times do well (all of them) and at times are big flops (again, all of them). However, it doesn’t seem to bother Akshay one bit, as he has a huge fan following all over the world, and he continues to get several film offers.

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akshay KumarBut the more surprising part is that he’s never tried to slot his film releases during major festivals. Unlike the Khans, the ‘Khiladi’ does not feel the need to release his films during important festivals, and likes to do things his own way.

That is one thing that should really be appreciated about the star, because in an industry where almost every big film banner talks about 200 or 300 crores rupees, Akshay doesn’t seem to buckle under any kind of pressure.

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The top actors and filmmakers often clash (verbally) for a film’s release date (especially if its during the big festivals) and some of them even plan few years ahead to get those important dates for their film’s release.

The ‘Khan’s of Bollywood’ always vie for Diwali, Christmas or Eid release. Some do it out of superstition while others do it purely for business, but with the Khans dominating the major festivals of the year, we wonder what others are left with.

However, another superstar, Akshay Kumar believes in doing things differently. For starters, like the Khans, Akshay does not believe in releasing movies around festivals. Neither does he follow the footsteps of the Khans in cutting down on his work and doing limited movies in a year.

A proof of it is that Akshay has already had 3 releases in 2015 alone – Baby, Gabbar is back and Brothers and he will be soon seen in ‘Singh is Bling’, an upcoming movie releasing on 2nd October.

Clearly, Akshay is one of the few actors who does not believe in following anyone. Especially when it comes to releasing his movies, he doesn’t rely on any festivals, he rather follows his own rules there. Good to know we have one actor who can walk against the tide.