Same Kareena Kapoor ad used to promote two different hair products?

You must have heard of copy paste while writing documents, but in TV advertisements? Not sure, if these two products belong to the same parent company, or if the the same creative team was involved, these two TV ads have kareena Kapoor, the same concept, the same shots, but they are promoting two different hair products.

Recently an advertisement for a certain hair product brand, featuring Kareena Kapoor, is seen circulating on Internet and television.

However, another hair care product also has the same ad, featuring the same actress Kareena Kapoor, and everything about the ad looks similar, expect the brand being promoted is different.

Original ad for BBlunt Salon Secret (released in 2016)

Here’s a more recent TVC for Olivia Intense (released in 2016)


Did you see that? There’s hardly any difference.

May be its a cost cutting exercise (probably both belong to the same parent company), and there’s no budget to shoot a new ad.