After ‘oldie’ comments, Kareena Kapoor shares pics of difficult yoga poses

Watch Kareena Kapoor doing the most difficult Yoga Poses; she was recently slammed for looking old in one of her selfies that she had shared.

Kareena Kapoor takes her fitness very seriously; the manner in which she got rid of her post-pregnancy weight is a testimony to that. Recently, a fan page of Kareena Kapoor shared a picture where the actress is seen doing several advanced Yoga poses.

Some time back, Bebo was criticised for looking old in one of her selfies. Kareena Kapoor had shared a few pictures, including this one, from Tuscany in Italy. However, many trolls didn’t liked the sun-kissed selfie of Kareena and made comments about her age. “Old n without make up,” “Looking older than her age”, were some of the comments.


But these yoga pictures prove that Bebo still has a fab body and she knows how to take care of it.

As far as the selfie is concerned, I think hats off to her for posting a picture that was taken sans any makeup. Ageing is a natural phenomenon so instead of crticising her for her age, she needs to be appreciated her for grace. And yes she’s one of the fittest diva, no doubt about it.