The ‘Kapoor’ Family Loves to Go on Cruise Holidays

Cruise Holidays is slowly becoming popular with Indians, and even Bollywood celebs are not far behind. The ‘Kapoor khaandaan’ are fond of eating, traveling (besides making films of-course) and love to go on Cruise Holidays, especially Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh. The entire family (almost) are holidaying on a luxurious cruise liner, in Europe. Neetu Singh recently shared some pictures on the social media.

kapoor family on cruise holiday
Also on board was Amitabh Bachchan’s daughter, Shweta Nanda (along with her daughter Navya). Shweta is married to Raj Kapoor’s daughter Ritu Nanda’s son, Nikhil Nanda.

Some time back, the charming couple had gone on a 15-day Mediterranean cruise that covered several places in Spain, Italy and France. it was the first time Neetu had been on a cruise.

“I had never been on the sea. Life on the sea is an addiction. When I wake up in the morning, I still think I am on the cruise. We had a few friends and relatives accompanying us and we had great fun,” said Neetu.

And which places did they go?

“We went to Barcelona, Gibraltar, Florence, Cannes and Vigo. We used to take a boat from the ship to the port and come back to the ship within a few hours. Seeing these places was quite an experience.


There was every possible facility on the ship and I pampered myself no end. The food was good; the staff was excellent and so was the entertainment. Rishi and I even went to the gym together. It was so nice to be away from the hectic life of Mumbai for a few days that we have already decided to go for a similar holiday next year.”

While holidaying in Florence, Rishi and Neetu met daughter Riddhima, who was holidaying there with husband Bharat Sawhney. “That was another good thing that happened. We spent quality time with Riddhima and Bharat,” said Neetu.

Why was Ranbir missing on the cruise holiday?

Neetu said, “He did not come with us but on hearing what a great time we had, he intends to accompany us next year.”