Kangana draws flak for riding a mechanical horse in Manikarnika’s behind-the-scene video

Kangana Ranaut’s behind-the-scenes video from her film ‘Manikarnika’ was leaked on social media, for which the Queen received lot of flak as she was seen riding a mechanical horse. However, now other fellow actors and also her hands have come in support of the actress.

In the video that was leaked, Kangana is seen in a battlefield riding a mechanical horse. While many criticised Kangana, fellow actors like Anupam Kher and Paresh Rawak came out in support of the actress and even defended her.

It seems a lot of people were unhappy seeing that video because during the promotion of the movie, Kangana had said she had practiced horse-riding so people assumed she had actually done all the horse-riding in the movie.

“I trained a lot in sword fights and horse riding. After riding the horse for two days straight I got a fever. I can only imagine the nerves of steel that Rani Laxmibai had,” Kangana Ranaut about playing the iconic queen in Manikarnika.

After the backlash, fans of Kangana had even posted a video where she is seen riding a horse suggesting that she knows horse-riding (however that seemed to be very basic horse-riding).

However, going by most of the comments, it seems this is the real reason why people are upset with Kangana Ranaut.

Most people are upset with Kangana is because of her double standards. Kangana Ranaut’s movie Manikarnika is running in Pakistan cinema halls (and she did not do anything to stop it), whereas after the Pulwama attack Kangana had said that anyone who talks about peace with Pakistan should be slapped.

Kangana had also criticised senior actress Shabana Azmi for her plans to go to Pakistan for a literary meet (though she decided not to attend after the Pulwama attack).