Kangana Ranaut interviews Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev: Highlights & Pics

During the interview, which was named ‘Conversation with the Mystic’, Kangana Ranaut questioned Sadhguru on a wide range of topics – society, peoples mindset and how spirituality fits in all of these.

For a change, Kangana Ranaut donned the cap of a host and interviewed the spiritual leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

Kangana Ranaut, known for her straight-forward demeanour, also spoke unabashedly on a range of topics:

  • When I first heard about you many years ago, I rolled my eyes and muttered something about ‘Oh guru types’
  • Honestly, if it wasn’t a New York best seller book, I wouldn’t have read your book. What is it about the western stem that we can’t do without? There are so many books unless Americans don’t approve of it, it just doesn’t make sense for us.
  • If somebody rubs you the wrong way the only thing that we heard from our mothers/elders is, ‘Woh bhagwaan dekh raha hai’ – What? Where has it got us?
  • When you’re in a beautiful city (outside India) and when you’re with Indian friends, you’re always cursing India. More money you’ve got, you can literally get away with anything, that’s not the best way to go forward.
  • There is a scene in my upcoming movie (‘Manikarnika’) where the character saves a calf, but my crew had a whole discussion saying she can’t save a calf, it has to be a lamb. Because we don’t want to look like calf savers.
  • Criminals cannot be associated with religion.

Kangana Ranaut with Sadhguru – In Conversation with the Mystic 2018

In the past, Kangana has spoken highly of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, calling him the rightful leader of the country. And this interview of Sadhguru.

So does Kangana see herself getting into Politics in the future?

While, Kangana Ranaut has an opinion on the country’s politics, and also thinks that actors should not shy away from talking on Politics, she feels one has to be detached from a lot of thing to get into Politics. One should give up one’s family, home and children to best serve the country, and she is not yet ready to do so.

“Politics shouldn’t be a career. I feel if someone like me wants to join politics, then first of all they have to achieve detachment. Right now, I am so successful (in films) that I don’t want to make career anywhere else. But if I want to serve my land then I can’t do it if I have some vested interest in some other department. That becomes conflicting then. So, if people want to pursue politics they should, but they need to achieve some kind of renunciation,” said Kangana.

Kangana was also critical of her peers in Bollywood who choose to shy away from speaking on politics nowadays, to avoid getting into trouble.

“Artistes always say that we should not talk about it (politics), we get into trouble but if (someone), who is so successful and has 25 cameras and mediapersons covering him or her, doesn’t talk then who else will? Then why are you successful? What does success mean to you? Just earning money, eating and having fun? You haven’t been kept at a pedestal so that you can live your small life easily, the people have kept you there so that you also think about them,” said Kangana.