Kangana Ranaut (and sister) intimidating industry insiders?

On one hand, Kangana Ranaut (and her sister) are fighting a case against Aditya Panchoil for assault and extortion, on the other hand, the duo seem to be intimidating one and all in Bollywood. Any criticism (about Kangana’s role or movie) is dealt with savagely and is taken as a personal grudge.

While the sisters may have gone through a lot in life, now with Kangana attaining stardom, the duo are venting out their anger on anyone who criticises them even a bit. So are the critics supposed to give Kangana’s movies a rating of 5/5 from here on and say nothing negative about her performance?

At a recent promotional event, Kangana Ranaut ripped into journalist Justin Rao accusing him of ridiculing her film Manikarnika and giving it bad press. He denied having done so and said she ‘cannot intimidate a journalist.’ Video footage of the spat went viral.


As a result, the association of journalists have decided to boycott Ranaut’s film.

“We, as a guild, have collectively decided to boycott Ms Ranaut and not give her any media coverage,” the delegation of journalists said in its letter to Ekta Kapoor, adding that the boycott will not affect the film or the rest of the cast, which includes actor Rajkummar Rao. Kangana Ranaut, the letter says, will not be given any media coverage until she apologises for accusing journalist Justin Rao of running a ‘smear campaign’ against her,” a delegation from the Entertainment Journalists’ Guild of India told producer Ekta Kapoor tha of “Judgementall Hai Kya”

Kangana’s upcoming movie “Judgementall Hai Kya” has already had its share of controversies: first, Hrithik Roshan averted a collision with the movie at the box office by voluntarily bringing forward the release of his film Super 30 (the two had a fight sometime back).

Then, the original title of the film was changed from Mental Hai Kya.

Kangana’s sister) calls Taapsee Pannu ‘Sasti (cheap) copy of Kangana”

While promoting her film Manmarziyaan with Anurag last year, Taapsee Pannu had said in an interview that she would like to gift ‘double filter’ to Kangana. “She can get herself in some serious troubles all the time. So yeah.”

The Ranaut sister’s didn’t say a word back then, but when Taapsee Pannu tweeted about the trailer of Judgmental Hai Kya, saying: “This is so cool! Always had high expectations out of this one and this looks so worth it! Judgmental Hai Kya,” (Perhaps Taapsee realised that it may have offended Kangana and was looking for an opportunity to say something positive).

However, Kangana Ranaut’s sister replied “Kuch log Kangana ko copy kar ke he apni dukaan chalate hain (Some people run their shop by copying Kangana), magar (but) please note, they never acknowledge her, not even a mention of her name in praising the trailer. Last, I heard Taapseeji said Kangana needs a double filter and Taapseeji you need to stop being a sasti copy.”

Director Anurag Kashyap came in defense of Taapsee and said it was “really desperate” of Rangoli. “Come on Rangoli.. this is going too far. This is really, really desperate. I really don’t know what to say to this. Having worked with both your sister and Taapsee. I just don’t get this. Praising the trailer means praising all aspects of it. Which includes Kangana.”

But Rangoli blasted Anurag as well, She wrote: “Sir, you can see it’s not about mentioning Kangana so much. Clearly, a lot of people I have thanked haven’t mentioned her, it’s just that I am tired of people taking digs at her. Who is this Taapsee to claim that Kangana needs double filter. So now I am here showing everyone (the) mirror… I know you are working with her, but please don’t get desperate without understanding the real issue… back off.”

Kangana Ranaut later defended her sister Rangoli saying if Anurag Kashyap can defend Taapsee, why can’t she defend her sister.

“I read Rangoli’s tweets, she was lovingly teasing Varun as he never responded to her when she urged him to speak about Manikarnika, and Tapasee has been saying derogatory things about me- like needing a filter and being an extremist, which Rangoli is clearly upset about- this has nothing to do with her JHK (Judgemental Hai Kya) tweet. The way Anurag is protecting Taapsee, my sister is protecting me! What’s the matter, anybody has problems with her tweets, can unfollow her,” she said.

Kangana Ranaut: A rebel without a cause, or a case of mental hai kya?

While everybody admires Kangana Ranaut for making it big without any godfather in the industry, for speaking her mind (on various topics), and refusing to buckle against the powerful people in the industry, it seems of late she is rubbing a lot of people the wrong way without any reason.

And she seems to be having a particular fascination for the star kids, especially Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.

In a poll conducted by BollywoodLife for the best actress for 2019, Kangana Ranaut (for her role in Manikarnika) beat Alia Bhatt (for Gully Boy). Speaking to the portal about the result, Kangana said that she felt “embarrassed” that she was pitted against Alia as her performance in Gully Boy was “mediocre.”

“I am embarrassed…What is there to beat in Gully Boy performance… Same snappy muh-phat (outspoken) girl… Bollywood’s idea of a fiery girl, woman empowerment and good acting, spare me this embarrassment, please. Media has taken filmy kids love too far… Stop pampering mediocre work or else bar will never be raised,” Kangana told BollywoodLife.

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Its a known fact that Kangana Ranaut dislikes Karan Johar for encouraging nepotism in Bollywood. Alia Bhatt, daughter of Mahesh Bhatt, happens to be is one of Karan Johar’s protegees, and of late Kangana has been passing comments about Alia too.

Earlier, Kangana had told Pinkvilla that Alia Bhatt “grows some spine” and supports films about woman empowerment and nationalism. “I hope she understands the true meaning of success and her responsibilities… nepotism gang life is simply restricted to giving and taking favours, hope she rises above that.”

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Kangana Ranaut had also called Ranbir Kapoor “irresponsible” for not talking about Indian politics. (Alia Bhatt is reportedly dating Ranbir).

Back then, Alia had replied saying “I definitely don’t have the ability to speak as candidly as Kangana does, and I really do respect her for that and may be in a way she is right. Sometimes we do hold back.”

Well, it seems Kangana is becoming a reel without a cause, or is it that she is really gettin gunder the skin of her character for her upcoming film ‘Mental Hai Kya’?

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