Kangana Ranaut Came to Mumbai with Only Rs.1,500 (25 Dollars)

kangana ranautHere’s another reason why Mumbai is known as the land of dreams & opportunities, where rags-to-riches stories are common. Though success doesn’t come overnight, for those who’re persistent Mumbai does help you succeed in the long run.

Kangana Ranaut, who already has won a couple of National Awards had come to Mumbai with only Rs.1,500. Yes, that’s true, and that’s just about 30 US dollars.

Kangana is aware of what she started with and that’s the reason she’s not afraid of hitting rock-bottom again, and doesn’t feel any added pressure as an actor.

Says Kangana, “What difference can it make? We outsiders don’t carry that much pressure, as we come from a non-film background. We’ve already achieved a lot. I came to Mumbai with `1500. Like everyone else, I want to keep doing well, but I don’t have a fear of hitting rock bottom. I’ve lived in Mumbai, made a home here and survived in a rock bottom condition for 10 years of my life. So I have no fear of anything. Having said that, it’s not at all frightening for me because I have good projects with me. That puts you in an easy place.”