Kabir Singh music tops the charts

The music of Shahid Kapoor’s Kabir Singh is a hit and is hitting the right cord, especially with youngsters. Several composers have worked on the music, which seems to be the new trend in the Hindi film industry.

Kabir Singh Full album

Bekhayali song from Kabir Singh, pain and passion blended with melody

If you have seen Kabir Singh recently, there’s no way you could have missed this number. And for youngsters, this song is going to be an anthem for some time.

While the movie uses the track sung by Sachet Tandon, there’s another track which has been sung by Arijit.

While Arijit has a great voice, Sachet Tandon’s voice is a revelation (he’s also the composer of the song). Not only has he done complete justice to the song, Sachet’s voice display’s more pain, passion and anger, and I guess that is why his track has been retained in the movie.


So if you guys are asking me which version is better, I am not getting in to that debate. But I don’t agree that Arijit’s track is better.

Both are brilliant, Sachet’s track has more pain, whereas Arijit’s track is a bit easier on the listener (minus the anger).

Here are the two version, enjoy!!

Bekhayali song from Kabir Singh in Sachet Tandon’s voice

Bekhayali song from Kabir Singh in Arijit’s voice

Kabir Singh Background Music (BGM), make it your ringtone right away

There are several good things you will like in Shahid Kapoor’s film Kabir Singh, one of them is its background score. You can listen to part of it in the trailer as well.

The background theme music is so good that it makes you wonder why the filmmakers didn’t make a complete song out of it. Its literally one of the best background music’s that I have heard in recent times.

Kabir Singh Background Music (BGM)