Psychologist says Kabir Singh is about ‘personality disorder’, and not misogyny

Psychologist says Shahid Kapoor’s film Kabir Singh is about a person with personality disorder.

Shahid Kapoor’s most successful film Kabir Singh has been receiving lot of brickbats from critics for its problematic portrayal of romance and has been panned as misogynistic.

However, Cicilia Chettiar, head of department, Department of Psychology at Mumbai’s Maniben Nanavati SNDT Women’s College feels that the movie is about a person with malfunctioning emotional regulator (personality disorder), as reported here. He is someone who has no emotional regulators, who feels everything (love, anger, hatred) intensely, and needs treatment.

“Its about a person who has no ability to regulate his emotion, which in a world like today, which is so structured, organised and normative, becomes very difficult. This is what we refer to as a personality disorder,” says Chettiar.

Here are some of the negative comments by critics.

  • The obnoxious hero calls the woman “meri bandi” the moment he lays his eyes on her and warns everyone in the college that she is off-limits for every other man.
  • Kabir Singh is dangerous for society and viewers because it sides with age-old patriarchy and puts a 21st century woman in a cage. It is regretful that all this happens in the garb of a love story.
  • The film is a success because the audiences are mostly men.
  • In the film, the hero can do what he wants, breaks all the rules and discards morality. At a time when mob lynching is getting the support of the establishment and society, we should not be surprised by the success of ‘Kabir Singh’. We should rather worry about where we have reached as a society.
  • Vani Tripathi Tikoo, a Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) member, termed the film “terribly misogynistic” and blasted the makers for glorifying violence against women. Tikoo finds it baffling how stars back such films.
  • “The film’s “deeply disturbing, dark & dangerous politics” are difficult to keep aside,” Singer Sona Mohapatra.


However, Sandeep Reddy Vanga (director) and Shahid have promoted Kabir Singh as a “dark and edgy” film and the hero’s propensity for sleeping around, drugs and alcohol as a manifestation of his love.

“I’ve had my intense, self-destructive, heartbreak and angsty moments, where I’ve not been in control… That feeling of falling apart and self-destruction, not being able to deal with loss… Only from great love, comes great anger” Shahid in an interview.

“It is about this character, who has a specific way of looking at a girl, a specific way of expressing his emotions and his love for her. It is about how his life changes suddenly due to love. Love changes things. I have tried to make the story, the character as real and simple as possible,” Vanga.

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