Master storyteller Jeffrey Archer in India to promote new book, hates Bollywood

Master storyteller and politician Jeffrey Archer is in India to promote the seventh and final volume of his popular “Clifton Chronicles” series. Jeffrey Archer will visit New Delhi, Bangaluru, Mumbai and Pune.

Jeffrey Howard Archer is an English author and former politician, who was hit by a financial scandal that left him almost bankrupt.

About His Book

“This Was a Man” is the final volume of the “Clifton Chronicles”, a gripping family saga of the trials and tribulations of the Clifton and Barringtons, two families at opposite ends of the social spectrum.

Indian Connection

Jeffrey has come to India several times in the last two decades, and is quite impressed with the improvements in infrastructure.

Jeffrey is also quite impressed with the new generation of powerful women in India, and feels they will soon take over India.


Difference Between Writer and Storyteller

Jeffrey Archer prefers to be called a story teller and not a writer. And that’s because he feels writing is easier than story-telling.

“Writers are well-educated, well-red and well-informed, but story telling is a god’s gift and I just got lucky,” says Jeffrey.”

Why Does he Hate Bollywood

Jeffrey Archer detests Bollywood because he thinks its too much of an influence on young minds.

That is one reason he doesn’t want Bollywood to make a film on any of his popular books.