Ivory Wedding Dress: Here’s Why Its So Popular

Ivory Wedding Dress Most brides-to-be want a white wedding dress but wish there were more options when it came to the color. The fact is that there are dresses available in different shades of white. And the trick is to select the shade that goes best with your skin tone.

Popularity of White

In most weddings worldwide, White is the traditional color choice for wedding dresses. It may not be very popular in India and other Asian countries (Hindu & Muslim weddings), but in most weddings abroad the bride always wears a White wedding dress.

And why’s that so?

Part of it is tradition. Besides, the color stands for purity and virginity; it’s no wonder that most brides prefer to walk down the aisle donning a gleaming white gown.

May Not Look Good On Fair-Skinned

Although, many brides look glowing and elegant in a white dress, not all brides can pull that off, especially those with a very fair skin tone.


If you look at the wedding pictures & ask most wedding photographers, they would concur that white dresses usually look great for brides who have darker complexion.

If you are fair-skinned, a white wedding gown can make you look pale and even dull. White wedding gowns also doesn’t go very well with brides with red hair.

And I’m sure you definitely want to look your best on a special event such as your wedding, and even in the wedding pictures that you’ll see later.

Why Ivory Works?

So, if you have a very fair complexion or red hair, one of the alternatives you may consider is using an ivory wedding dress.

Here are the reasons why many chose to go with an Ivory Wedding dress, instead of pure white:

  1. It is like wearing something white with a bit more color on your wedding day. It makes sure that you’re not moving a lot away from the traditional color much
  2. Its a gorgeous color that suits practically every skin tone. The additional color works by offsetting fair skin tone.
  3. Bright skin tones doesn’t appear best with a white dress; an ivory dress is a bit more subdued color that contrasts better with your skin. Ivory wedding dresses allow brides to appear traditionally pure and virginal without making them look very pale or washed out.
  4. Ivory is still bright enough to make it clear to everyone who the bride is.

Variations in Ivory

Here are some more ideas on what to choose:

  • If you have a rich, dusky skin tone, then an ivory dress can make you look stunning on your wedding day. Choose a rich ivory dress for your rich brown complexion.
  • On the other hand, a paler shade of ivory bridal attire suits women with creamy or olive skin. And even if you got sunburns during summer, you may opt for an ivory gown instead of a white one.
  • To enhance the virginal effect of an ivory dress, you may choose a darker color theme for your bridesmaids.

As for red-haired brides, ivory wedding gowns work best for auburn redheads (or those with auburn highlights), because auburn redhead may appear like a brunette in some lighting conditions, and this does not look great with a stark white wedding dress. The other type of redhead in which an ivory wedding gown works well is the classic red, which looks like natural curls with red locks.

More Variations in Ivory

Every traditional white gown has its ivory counterpart. As with white wedding dresses, ivory bridal attires also come in a wide variety of shades and styles to suit different tastes, whether they are traditional or modern.

In addition, ivory wedding gowns are also available in different shades of yellow that match every skin tone.

To Conclude

If you want to know if a certain ivory shade suits you, the best way is to compare the color of the fabric against your skin in daylight. Also, check if the shine, texture, and quality of the fabric suit your preference. You can ask for a fabric sample from the store so that you can bring it home and decide if it complements your complexion. Even if you are shopping on the Internet, you may request a sample so that you can decide which ivory wedding dress will work best for you.