Music composer AR Rahman inspires Hollywood and International artistes

Academy award winner Indian composer AR Rahman (also known as the Mozart of Madras) has inspired several Hollywood and international artistes. He has also collaborated with many of them and has also composed for foreign films like 127 Hours, People Like Us and Muhammad: Messenger of God.

In India, Rahman is considered a legend, and his music has ruled both Bollywood as well regional cinema cinema. And now, his music inspires international music artistes as well.

The Theme of Bombay

The haunting instrumental from Mani Ratnma directed Bombay has not only won hearts in India, but has also impressed Hollywood. Rahman’s original Bombay Theme has been used by several International artistes.

AR Rahman’s “BOMBAY”theme song used in hollywood movie “Lord of War”

“Rather By Me” by Loyd Banks


Loewenherz’s Bis uses bits of Bombay theme in his song “Die Ewigkeit”

Other Popular Songs

Hollywood film Inside Man (Denzel Washington, Clive Owen and Jodie Foster) used the beginning of the hit ‘Dil Se’ number ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ for the film’s opening credits.

Rahman collaborated with DJ and American singer Cody Wise for the song “It’s My Birthday” which is inspired by Rahman’s original track “Urvasi Urvasi” from 1995 Tamil film Kadhalan.

Selena Gomez wants to sing for Rahman

American singer and actress Selena Gomez wants to sing with Academy Award winner AR Rahman, says she is extremely impressed with the composer’s work.

“I like AR Rahman’s work. I would love to sing or be part of his compositions. I think it would be beautiful to sing for [a] Bollywood [movie],” said Selena.

Taylor Swift’s Favourite Musician is AR Rahman

Taylor Swift may not be a big star (yet), but her talents are already known to the world. In the last few years she has won several Grammys and has multi-platinum albums already under her belt. She’s now gradually turning her attention to the big screen as well.

One thing that her fans may not know is that she’s quite fond of India, including Indian music. And guess what? Here favorite musician is non-other than our AR Rahman (the Mozart of Chennai).

“I have heard a lot about AR Rahman. I think he is a fantastic musician. His music touches the soul. I would love to hear him live in performance once,” says the American star.

So if she’s already a big fan of Rahman, I guess, she knows about Bollywood as well. So does she find it exciting? Any project in the future?

“Yes, I have heard about Bollywood. Indian cinema has a lot of music and dance, which excites me. I think Indians share a big passion for song and dance in the movies, which I love. It is a great way of connecting with the audience. I am not sure about acting since I don’t speak Hindi. But I would love to sing for a Bollywood movie,” says the Valentine’s Day (2010) actor.

Besides, music and acting, she loves to travel!

“I have heard a lot about the Taj Mahal, Kashmir, Delhi, and South India. I like historic monuments. They depict so much about a particular culture. I haven’t tried any Indian cuisine, but I have heard it is very spicy but tasty. I would love to taste some great Indian food.” Taylor shares.

Bonus Fact: She has two cats, one named Meredith Grey and the other named Olivia Benson. Both are named after TV characters in “Grey’s Anatomy” and “SVU,” respectively.