Popular Instagram sisters of Indian origin arrested for attempting to extort a Nigerian Billionaire

Canadian sisters of Indian origin, and popular Instagram’ers, create havoc in Nigeria, arrested for attempting to extort a Nigerian Billionaire.

They loved the high life, were regular “fixtures in the nightlife scene”, but it all seems to have come to an end for these Canadian sisters (of Indian origin).

Canadian residents Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo were recently arrested in Nigeria for trying to extort money from a Nigerian Billionaire Femi Otedola (energy magnate reported worth: $1.8 billion as per Forbes estimates).

The website Nigeria Politics first reported that the sisters claimed they had evidence that the energy tycoon had cheated on his wife.

Image credit: via Instagram.

As per the investigators hired by Otedola, the Matheroos would record themselves having sex with wealthy men and later would threat them that the evidence would be uploaded a website they operated. The Matheroos have a huge following on social sites, including Instagram.

Otedola says the sisters claimed they had evidence of him cheating on his wife and threatened to expose him if he didn’t pay them off. It seems, the sisters have threatened around 275 people (including Otedola), mostly from Africa, by cyber-bullying them using their website and its associated social media accounts.

The sisters are also accused of being escorts, and Nigerian authorities say they’ve admitted to having sex with over 100 rich Nigerian men.

Although their official residence is Toronto, the Matharoo sisters spent a lot of time in Nigeria, and had gained a level of infamy in Nigeria — as they constantly got into fights with wives of prominent businessmen on Instagram.

One leading Nigerian portal profiled the sisters and posted the headline: “Indian twin-menace: Nigeria’s most promiscuous sisters Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo. Why Billionaire Housewives Dread Them.”

UPDATE: Global News Canada reports the Matharoo sisters have been released on bail.