IndiGo staff manhandle passenger, competitors take a dig

  • IndiGo groundstaff manhandle passenger after altercation, pin him to ground by holding his throat (staff asked the passenger not to stand under the wing of the aircraft).
  • Airline apologised after video of the incident went viral

Video: IndiGo Staff Manhandles Passenger At Delhi Airport.

After the incident there were tweets, supposedly from competitors (Air India & Jet Airways), taking a dig at IndiGo. However, both the airlines later clarified that but that ‘taunts’ were unofficial.

Rajeev Katiyal, the passenger, said that he was waiting for a bus to take him to the terminal after his plane from Chennai landed, when an IndiGo employee “shouted at me in a very rude manner.” In the video, Mr Katiyal is seen arguing with employees. When he tries to get on the coach, he is roughly pulled back and in the scuffle, he falls to the ground. He tries to get up, but is pinned down by two employees, one of them smiling. “How dare you…how dare you!” he shouts in rage, flailing, kicking and hitting out as he is held down by his neck.

IndiGo continues to be at the receiving end of public ire over its response to the manhandling of the passenger by the airline’s ground staff at Delhiā€™s airport.

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