Bollywood filmmakers feel shooting abroad has several advantages, including being cheaper

We all know that most Yash Raj & Karan Johar films are shot at beautiful locations abroad, but now, more and more directors are opting to shoot abroad.

Filmmaker Prakash Jha gets his music recorded abroad
Filmmaker Prakash Jha, who’s known to make hard-hitting movies that are only filmed in India, agrees that it’s cheaper to shoot films abroad, compared to India. Everything from the hotels, flights (and even creative works) are cheaper on foreign lands than in India.

“It is less expensive to shoot abroad than India. Example an air ticket from Mumbai to Delhi and back is more expensive for us than a ticket from here to any European country and back. The hotel costs… we get much better packages in European countries today. They give you all facilities and most importantly nobody disturbs you when you are shooting there,” he said.

Did you know?
Prakash Jha records the music for his films in the Czech Republic and not in India as it’s cheaper in the central European country.

“I record my music in Prague. They have amazing string orchestras and infact it is amazingly cheaper to record music there than India! My music composer who lives in Prague who mails the score in Prague and then it happens. The music recording costs me more here than there and the quality too there is better,” said the filmmaker.

‘Comedy King’ David Dhawan is completely sold on Shooting Abroad
David Dhawan Popular director David Dhawan is known for his comedy films (he has given several hit films with Govinda) and considering the genre of films he makes, you might think that he would prefer shooting in India itself, but the fact is that David Dhawan finds it very feasible shooting abroad.

David Dhawan feels there are several advantages of shooting in foreign locations – they offer terrific scenic locations, the authorities and locals are very welcoming in nature, and overall (considering the incentives) the overall proposition offers true value-for-money.


Dhawan himself has shot numerous films abroad at various locations such as Dubai, Singapore, London, Bangkok, America.

At an annual event held recently to raise awareness about shooting in foreign countries, Mr Dhawan (Father of Varun Dhawan) said “We do a lot of shooting abroad. There has been considerable awareness about the fact that they receive significant tourism by the shooting of Hindi films there. It’s good that they’re looking after us and providing us rebates. Moneywise it’s very feasible to shoot abroad. For some places there is a difference even while shooting there as compared to shooting in India.”

Mr. Dhawan says such events are important as it helps build relations between the countries.

“There is difficulty while shooting in India, but it’s easy there (outside). Every place has a difference, but these small countries that are coming in are very good as they have good locations. There are several locations, Romania is very beautiful. Georgia is a very value-for-money country and Hungary is also good and I feel like going there.”