Indian Film Based on Math Wizard Ramanujan Shot in City of Cambridge, UK

India is a country where education is revered. Even though India has opened up a lot in recent years and youngsters today go for off-beat careers, they still focus seriously on their studies in their growing up years.

Today, Indian students go to foreign universities (across the world) for higher studies, but a couple of decades back, the only universities that most Indians would know about was Cambridge & Oxford.

So its but natural that the few Indian movies that have been shot in the city of Cambridge, UK focused on the subject of education.

Films Shot in Cambridge, UK

Indian film Ramanujan is a 2014 biographical film (shot in Tamil and English languages) based on the life of renowned Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan who had come to Cambridge to study in the early 1900s. The movie tries to acquaint the international audience with the life and times of Ramanujan, and demonstrates the humanism that existed between two culturally different people during imperialistic times.”

The movie has scenes that were filmed on location in Cambridge in the east of England.

film ramanujan crew on location in cambridge, UK
(Photo: © Copyright Robert Edwards and licensed for reuse)

“The crew consisted of about 35 people, with three to four actors, and the producer had recruited about 20 students as extras. Producer Sushant told the Cambridge News that “Cambridge is an excellent place to film in, although it is more expensive to film here than in India.”

Coincidentally, a Hollywood movie is also being produced on a similar subject. Slumdog Millonaire actor Dev Patel will portray math genius Srinivasa Ramanujan and Jeremy Irons will play G.H. Hardy, who recognized Ramanujan’s brilliance despite the latter’s lack of formal training and education.

The film will be shot at Trinity College, Cambridge, followed by two weeks in various locations in South India.

The movie is based on the biography “The Man Who Knew Infinity: A Life of the Genius Ramanujan” by Robert Kanigel.

In recent years, Bollywood has taken an increased interest in UK and Ireland filming locations, thanks to efforts on part of the UK and Ireland Tourism boards who have been wooing Bollywood producers with several offers.