India’s Fashion e-Retail Market Set for Explosive Growth

Fashion retail on e-commerce portals is expected to see a robust growth, thanks to increasing Internet penetration, growing preference for online shopping, and some influence of films.

Google India research said its witnessing a surge in fashion related queries/searches on their search engine. As per a report by Google India, online fashion retail market will touch $35 billion by 2020 (around 35% of the total online retail revenue generated in India).

Probably that is also the reason, so many fashion related sites (selling fashion, apparel brands, jewelry) have emerged in the past few years to claim their share of the pie. This segment is also attracting capital, with several Indian online retailers managing to get themselves funded in the past couple of years or so.

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Another interesting observation is that by 2018, India is set to have 500 million Internet users, whereas 280 million smartphone users will be the key drivers for various e-commerce portals.