India Tunes in to World Music: Bollywood Too Embraces Varied Music Genres

India Tunes in to World Music Bollywood music might still be the favorite genre for most people in India, but beyond that its not just the traditional music like Carnatic and Hindustani that people like to hear. Several other genres like pop, rock, hip-hop, EDM have made inroads in the Indian music scene.

And the best part is that even Bollywood is ready to embrace World music genres. Here are a couple of songs in recent times that have been a deviation from the norm, but have been accepted by the audience.

‘Old school girl’ from the movie Tau Weds Manu Returns, the music has a bluesy feeling to it (common in most Hollywood movies)

‘Girls like to swing’ from the movie Dil Dhadakne Do, a cool Broadway style music. A great attempt by Shankar Ehsaan Loy.

People’s Tastes Evolving

People from Dharavi to Chandigarh are listening to world music (genres such as English rock and dub-step) as India tunes in to World Music. The appetite of Indian audiences for unique music is increasing rapidly. The new generation, in particular, is evolving with new music, which is actually a healthy development.

And the best part about this development is that this evolving tastes of the Indian audience is creating a space for musicians of every genre possible (considering the size of the Indian market).

Opportunities in Bollywood

The music scene is growing and because of that a lot of new artists are getting a chance to display their talents, part of the reason also being easy access to social media.

Even Bollywood music directors are keen to experiment, to make their music stand out, and are incorporating some of these styles in their music for movies.

Marketing Music

Creating music (in any genre) is only half the work done, you still need to market it well, for the music to reach a wider audience.

Bollywood is quite good at promoting its music, so that is something that musicians of other genres can take a cue from. Music companies and musicians also have to work together to discuss the marketing strategy for genres, besides Bollywood music.

This will also help increase the overall standard of music.

Will Melody Go Away?

So does that mean melodies are going to die and give way to these new genres of music?

Far from the truth!

The best example is that of Aashiqui 2. A simple & beautiful melody like ‘Tum Hi Ho’ walked away with almost all the awards that year.

Even ‘Yo Yo Honey Singh’, the guy who has taken the Bollywood music circuit by storm and who’s a craze with youngsters, admits that his wife hates listening to his songs. That best explains the situation here in Bollywood. While other genres of music are definitely welcome, melodies will stay forever.