How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue
You should treat the process of selecting a wedding venue as if you ere buying a new house. Yes, almost! Because, after all, its where you’ll receive and treat your friends and relatives in the best possible way, making it the most memorable night of your life.

Having a perfect wedding does depend largely on having a perfect venue. So even before you get down to choosing the dress, the ring, and other things, you need to find the perfect wedding venue.

Here are some tips to help you search for that perfect wedding venue.

Is It Big Enough?
You need to consider the size of the venue, and this would largely depend on the number of guests you are expecting.

So before looking for a wedding venue, you should have a rough idea of the number of guests you intend to invite. Try to be as precise as possible with the number. Check if there’s space to conduct the various ceremonies, if there’s ample space for the dance area, and so on.

Have a Layout of Your Wedding
You must know what events & ceremonies you intend to do during the wedding. . You must know where you want the guests to sit, the reception area, the dining area, etc. So make sure you have a layout of your wedding (in mind or on paper). Check if the venue has provisions to meet those.

Check for Parking Space
Make sure there’s ample parking space as one of the common complaints of attendees is usually the lack of parking space.

So make sure the wedding venue has adequate parking space for all of your guests!

Any Restrictions of the Venue?
Know about any sort of restrictions at the wedding venue, if any. Can you party all night long? Are there any restrictions on decorations? Can you bring your own caterer, florist, decorator, etc. because some venues have their own preferred contractors and suppliers.

Go with Your Gut Feel
Go with your instincts when checking out potential wedding venues. Does the place give out good vibes? If yes, then that’s a good start. Even though you have to be logical when choosing a wedding venue, you’ll automatically know if a certain venue is right for your wedding.

Explore Several Options
Take your time and don’t ever rush in choosing the perfect wedding venue. Ideally, you should start looking for a venue at least a year before the wedding date. This gives you ample time to take care of other things, or even change the venue in case of unforeseen circumstances.