How to Become a Fashion Editor: Its Definitely Not Just About Glamour & Late Night Parties

Want to become a fashion editor? You will need to put in lot of hard work, and will require imagination and of course creativity.

Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion & Calendar Girls may have provided you some glimpse of how the fashion industry works, but those films portrayed more of the negative side of the industry.

So what does it take to make a career as a fashion editor?

Fashion industry is not about the glitz, glamour, the late night parties and fashion shows alone. It is also a lot of hard work, late night working hours, imagination, creativity and a lot of effort. So, if you want to make a cut into the fashion industry as a fashion editor, don’t let the disappointments stop you, because there might be plenty of those.

The key getting into the fashion industry as a fashion editor is to stay focused, determined, aim high, be creative, original and use all that you know about style and styling at the right time and right place.


how to be a fashion editor

Here are some tips to make a cut in the industry as a fashion editor:

Profile of a Fashion Editor
There are two types of fashion editor roles in the industry – In-house fashion editors & Market editors. Both profiles are creative, prestigious and highly sought after. An in-house editor are hired by designers and photographers for a shoot. They help design and edit the collection and advertising images. At the same time they also freelance for many other similar shoots.

Whereas a Market editor is responsible for sharing their expert knowledge in their beat. The profile also involves a lot of travelling to cities, choosing the right clothes for a story, making arrangements for delivery and return of garments, developing relationships with showrooms etc.

Before you choose the profile, you can assist and learn the ropes until you are sure of what you want your role to be.

Importance of Interning
A great way to start off in the fashion industry is by interning. Take up internship jobs during your summer break in college. This will definitely look good in your resume, besides the fact that you will learn a thing or two about the job and the industry. It doesn’t matter what department you are put in, you can slowly make your way through by working hard.

If nothing else, you can always move to another position when a job opens up. Fashion houses who hire also prefer candidates who have prior experience in the industry. It shows them you are passionate about your job and about fashion. So, start applying and don’t expect to get paid but there will definitely be rewards for you eventually.

Dress Up Right for the Interview of a Fashion Editor
It is important that you dress appropriately for the job interview. Considering that it is a looks based industry, it is important that you look professional and presentable. That doesn’t mean you have to splurge.

However, wearing the right look for your interview for a job in the fashion industry is important. Experts advise against suits and suggest knee length skirts with heels or strappy sandals. In short, make your own style and mix and match. Once you land the job, try to maintain the look. Everyone likes employees who are presentable and well dressed.

Video: Fashion Editor at Work

Set Your Job Expectations Right
Don’t expect a cushy, high profile job on the word go. An entry level intern job will mostly be mindless, not-glamorous and menial. But do it with just as much enthusiasm as a fashion editing job. You may end up just answering phones or maintaining the closet but you will learn a lot if you are observant and sincere. Do not roll your eyes or complain, because people in the industry have little patience for that kind of an attitude.

Work hard and meet your deadlines and your sincerity will be appreciated and respected. Fashion industry is a social job and people do tend to notice things.

There are some perks to the job however. Free goodies! Depending on what position you are, you do tend to get a lot of goodies. So, its not all work and no play after all.

Being a fashion editor will require you to start from the lowest ranks of the job but with the right ambition, creativity and originality, it wont take too long for you to climb up the ladder.