How to be a Successful Fashion Model

kangna ranaut fashionModelling is definitely among the more sought after professions in the entertainment industry, more so in India, because more often than not, the top models do end up getting roles in Bollywood. In the past, almost all the major pageant winners (Miss World, Miss Universe) have got a break in Bollywood after winning the competition/s.

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However, those of you who may not have participated in beauty pageants (the big ones), there’s no need to lose heart, as you can still make it big in the fashion industry, as a fashion model.

Modelling is definitely not an easy profession to get into, it has a lot of challenges of its own. Competition is tough and to get the right opportunity or for that matter to get even considered for a modelling job, you need to really work hard.

First off, it is important to state that you need certain requisite to be a model. So, we are going to start off by assuming that you have the looks, height, and body etc of a model. The challenge is then to get spotted and to land an assignment.


Let’s look at some points to help you start off your career as a model:

Finding an Agency
It is important for you to start off by looking for a good modelling agency.

  • Find out a few agencies and send them your pictures.
  • Keep your pictures simple
  • Don’t send pictures where you are decked up from head to toe
  • Make few follow up calls if need be
  • Keep an eye out on open castings held by agencies
  • Don’t fall for people who charge you money to get through an agency

Launching Your Career
Modelling is a tough business and a hard job. It is not all cake walk like it looks like from the outside. For you to be really successful in modelling, you need to be disciplined and take your job seriously. Most of the times models are travelling or based in Paris or Milan which is the fashion capital so to speak. So, models are often alone with no family for backing.

The stress of the job is another factor to handle. Many models break down under pressure and get into drugs and other dangerous habits. So, it is important to be stable at all times. Take rejection as part and parcel of the job and focus on work which should get you through the toughest of times. Attend casting meetings and be on time for your job.

Modelling agencies help to a certain extent but what you make out of yourself at the end of it is your responsibility.

Presenting Yourself
Presentation for a model is everything. Here are some tips that you might find helpful with regards to a good presentation for a model:

  • Don’t try to be too elegant and sophisticated because very few can really pull it off in such an early stage of your career.
  • Be simple and natural. Clients like to see a model who are naturally beautiful.

  • Don’t try too hard. Clients wont appreciate someone who is desperate.
  • Just wear a simple tee and jeans, rather than wearing something that looks fake and unreal.
  • Apply very little make up. If you have clean hair and nice nails, that should be good enough.
  • Behave professionally and be pleasant

Love the Camera
The most important rule of modelling is that you have to love the camera. If you want to be a good successful model, you cannot be camera shy or have any inhibitions. Good models are those who know how to be a part of the whole process rather than being just centered around themselves. So, try to be as participant as possible.

It also helps when models know how to perform in front of the camera. You need to depict the right body language (the right attitude) in front of the camera. During photo-shoots, do make it a habit of checking with the fashion photographer, to see if you’re projecting the right body language.

Former Supermodel & Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal ofers tips to aspiring models.