Monsoon Holi Festival of Colors in Madrid, Spain

When it comes to festivals, Spaniards seem to love the ones that are celebrated in India, be it Holi (festival of colors) or Dahi Handi (where human pyramids are made). We in India know how important the festival of holi is and we celebrate it with much gusto. But what will you say if we tell you that Madrid recently celebrated Holi with just as much enthusiasm as we do in India? Surprised?

holi festival of colors in madrid
Thousands of persons of different ethnic and nationalities celebrates the indian monsoon at Holi festival by throwing colorful powders in air and throwing colored water on one another, in Madrid Spain.

Not many outside Spain, are actually aware that the Holi Festival of Colors is celebrated n full fervor in Madrid, Spain. Madrid saw a surge of people who come together all dressed in white to celebrate Holi festival of color in the month of August.

The Plaza de Augustin de Lara exploded with colors that filled the air, with several hundred revelers who celebrated holi with dance and music.

Take a look at these pictures and videos and you would be surprised to see Holi celebrated on such scale in Spain. Perhaps, they have had enough of throwing tomatoes at La Tomatina and wanted something different.

The Monsoon Holi Festival in Madrid is inspired by the Hindu Holi spring festival of color celebrated mostly in India, but now has recently spread to other countries.

Holi is celebrated in India and Nepal usually during the months of February-march but it has slowly grown popular in other countries too. In Madrid, the celebration was organized by Indian immigrants. The whole event was a visual stimulation with people just enjoying themselves with some fun and dance. The Holi one festival as it is called has been previously celebrated in Barcelona, cape town and many other countries across the world.